Child Information and Research Center

(Anti-discrimination, Human Rights, Peace, Respect of Diversity)

Child Information and Research Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1977. We aim to promote and enlighten the various rights of children and to create an equal partnership between children and adults while encouraging networking among people involved in child issues.

We all have differences such as culture, sex, color of skin, religion, physical attribute and with or without disabilities. Thus, it should be natural for diverse people to live together in a society. Yet, those differences are not accepted and valued fully in the current society. As a result, indifference, prejudice, and oppression are still prevailing over the world in various forms. We are afraid that the age is one of those factors that lead to the discrimination.

Up to this time, children were considered immature and they were the target of being instructed and protected. But the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the UN in 1989 bans the discrimination towards children stating that they should be respected as an individual and as a citizen that constitutes a society, rather than solely given protection.

We strive to work together with children to construct the society where everyone accepts each other's differences.

“In partnership with children”

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